About Me

Hi there,

My name is Lorraine Forsyth, founder of Lollipop Therapies

I have practiced meditation for over 10 years and have been teaching children since 2015.

When my child was very young, new places or situations would easily lead to feelings of stress and overwhelm.  I looked for ways to help both of us, meditation and mindfulness was my answer.

I found the mindfulness skills and techniques I used within my daily practice, helped me to remain calm and relaxed in situations I would previously have found stressful.  Once I completed my foundation level training, I taught my child in a way that was fun and easy for him to learn and understand. In time he began to gain confidence and was more relaxed and happy within himself. I felt so inspired by this, I then trained to teach in a professional capacity. 

Through my personal and professional experience, I learned to meet children where they're at, as each child is unique, with their own personality and ways of developing. Through understanding, guidance and support, they can reach their full potential.



My meditation practice also led me to Reiki, a form of energy healing. I became a Reiki Practitioner in 2015 and onto Reiki Master in 2017.  I love this gentle form of healing, it is an important part of my self-care routing.




“One conscious breath in and out is a meditation”.

– Eckhart Tolle