Kids Class

Kids ‘Mindful Monday’ Class

We teach children mindfulness and meditation skills using a variety of fun, imaginative games and mindful activities to children of all ages and abilities.

Movement (walking, yoga, dance) – to help with strength, balance and body awareness.

Sound (music, bells, chimes) –  Mindful listening helps develop connection, kindness and understanding towards themselves and other children.

Colour – Mindful colouring helps children express their thoughts and feelings in a more creative way.

The breath, –  Mindful breathing is a helpful tool children can use when they begin to feel anxious, worried or overwhelmed. This helps to calm the nervous system and help improve focus, concentration and learning.

Visualisation and relaxation – As children learn how to accept, process and release their emotions in a more mindful way, their emotional intelligence and resilience improves, a great life skill to have.

6 week block – £38
Pay per class – £8

Location – ChooseYou Yoga Studio and Wellness Hub, Deans, Livingston, EH54 8PT

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