Face to face training protocols

Face to Face training protocols for the Connected Kids™ foundation course - provided by Lollipop Therapies 

(as of 1 September 2020) 

We wanted to give you some information about the steps we are taking here at Lollipop Therapies in regards to our face-to-face training course for people who want to learn how to teach their children/teens meditation.

In 2020 we postponed our face-to-face training to evaluate the development of recent events. However, we have now planned to return to face-to-face training with a date set for 28th March 2021. Training will take place at The Wee Retreat in Glasgow and you can view their published protocols here 

To deliver this course, we have worked hard to maximise safety and minimise any concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus including: 

  • masks, hand sanitiser and wipes available for all attendees 
  • providing guidelines to minimise contracting or spreading the virus (see below) 
  • Smaller group size to ensure social distancing rules are adhered to 
  • attendees to bring their own refreshments  

Pre-attendance of foundation course 

We will email you a short questionnaire and consent form regarding your health and wellbeing in preparation for the course.  In accordance with Government guidelines, Lollipop Therapies will store attendee's information to ensure a speedy response and accurate contact tracing, should a positive case occur. We are GDPR compliant, whereby, all personal information gathered will be kept on our files for a maximum of 21 days, following the date you attend our course.   

We will ask you to adhere to the instructions below to ensure that both you and the trainer are safe during this training course. Should you report any symptoms pre/during the course, we will offer the option of a refund. 

Attendance at foundation course 

  • max number of 6 students in attendance 
  • written materials will be emailed/posted to each attendee in advance of the course 
  • attendees will have the option to wear a face mask during training 
  • seating positioned 2 metres apart from each attendee and the trainer 
  • hand sanitiser used on entering and leaving the teaching space and training centre 
  • anti-bacterial wipes used for chairs and door handles/contact points – each break time and pre/post training 
  • bathroom facilities - each attendee will be asked to use the provided bacterial wipes for any surfaces they touch. 
  • attendees to report any symptoms outlined here to us as a matter of urgency 
  • we will only share your details with track and trace agencies if there has been a report of symptoms from those in attendance at the course. 
  • as we are unable to offer refreshments, we ask each attendee to bring their own drinking water/cup/tea etc. 

 Post attendance at foundation course 

Attendees will be asked to report to Lollipop Therapies if they notice any COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days following their attendance at the training course.

These are extraordinary times and we hope you can understand why these strict procedures are in place.  There is something very special about our face-to-face experience at the retreat and we look forward to sharing a heart centered day with you.