Meditation and Mindfulness for Adults

Meditation for Adults

We are surrounded by time-saving gadgets, yet we can still find ourselves feeling tired and in need of ‘more time’. The pressure to do more often makes us stressed, anxious and unhappy.

What is mindfulness and meditation?

When we meditate, we observe with natural curiosity, the working of our minds, our senses, our emotions and our thoughts, approaching these experiences with kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others.

Mindfulness is placing gentle focus upon the breath, a sound, an object, visualization, the breath, movement or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance personal and spiritual growth.

Meditation is a deeply relaxing technique. When meditating on a regular basis you can discover the inner peace and calmness that naturally arises and you will find you start to come into balance mentally, physically and emotionally.