We provide bespoke meditation and mindfulness activities for children and young people within a variety of settings;

  • School or Nursery classMeditation for Children
  • Children/youth groups 
  • 1-1 sessions

What are the benefits?

Children with ADHD, ASN or SEN can find it extremely challenging to cope with the amount of information coming into their brain, leading to a sense of overwhelm and anxiety, which in turn can activate their stress response (fight/flight/freeze).  When children are in this stressed state, it can make it difficult for their brains to learn and absorb information.

Balancing their energy

A moving meditation e.g. walking, running or skipping helps;

  • Develop a sense of balance and core strength
  • Improving their ability to feel safe and connected to the ground
  • More able to cope with changes in their daily life

Improved Focus and Concentration

Children feel anxious and stressed for a variety of different reasons. Meditation and mindfulness helps bring an awareness to their feelings, in order to process and release them in a more mindful way, preventing them from building up inside.

A reduction in stress levels helps;

  • An improvement in focus and concentration
  • Aids learning
  • Develops emotional intelligence and resilience – a great life skill to help cope with life's challenges

Improving sleep

Developing a regular Meditation and Mindfulness practice helps to retrain the mind and body back into an Alpha state, this encourages;

  • Children to unwind before going bed
  • A longer and improved sleep for both you and your child
  • The mind and body to heal, rest and restore

Building self-esteem

Self-esteem means feeling good about yourself.

Children with low self-esteem may feel bad about themselves or think they are not good enough. When children practice mindful meditation they become aware that they have a choice in how they respond on the inside, to whatever happens on the outside. This awareness of choices and responses helps build their sense of self-esteem to;

  • Be proud of what they do
  • Believe in themselves
  • Feel accepted for who they are